What's in the wireframe slide deck?

70+ Slides in total
5 Header section layouts
5 Problem / stakes section layouts
5 Solutions / benefits section layouts
5 Guide sections layouts
5 Plan sections layouts
5 Brag bar section layouts
5 Testimonial section layouts
5 Service / packages layouts
5 Overcombing objection section layouts
5 Lead generator sections layouts
5 Footer section layouts
15 additional sections for About / internal pages

What's in the video?

0:00 – Why you would the use Wireframe Slide Deck
1:31 – What content is inside the Wireframe Slide Deck
4:32 – How to create a wireframe quickly
5:28 – How collaboration works
5:47 – Struggling to sell large projects? Do this!
6:23 – Your wireframe + whitelabelguide.com

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The simplest way to create unique StoryBrand website wireframes.

Hey Nathan – thank you so much for this. I almost exclusively use your slide deck for my wireframes now.

Thom Van Dycke

Nathan’s slide deck is my favorite way to write wireframes! I use it all the time! So excited for this update, friend!

Rachel Zurer

Thank you so much for putting this together. This is hands-down one of my most used tools. I appreciate your generosity.

Krystle Macfarlane

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